Unit 5 - Introduction to Programming

Unit Objectives

This unit gives students the first glimpse into programming a robot in autonomous mode rather than drive controlled mode. Students will be introduced to a variety of programming terminology and will be able to write their first programs.

Unit Teacher Notes

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Lesson 5.1 (300 minutes)

This lessons provides students with a basic understanding of the RobotC environment and how to write a basic code for their robot


  • Define pseudocode and autonomous programming and its purpose
  • Demonstrate an understanding of coding semantics, syntax, and implementation
  • Identify each part of the code
  • Apply programming best practices for commenting and documentation
  • Introduce variables and conditional statements

Lesson 5.2 (180 minutes)

This lessons shows students how having a functional drivetrain with geometry that reduces turning scrub can have a large impact on the effectiveness of their programming.


  • Explain the difference in turning torque and turning scrub
  • Identify the three adjustments you can make to the drivetrain in order to improve turning accuracy

Quiz (30-60 minutes)

Quiz on the unit


  • Check for Understanding