Unit 8 - Line Following and Conveyor Systems

Unit Objectives

This unit goes over the building fundamentals necessary to build a conveyor system as well as the programming logic needed to use a line following sensor.

Unit Teacher Notes

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Lesson 8.1 (15 minutes)

This unit explains the pats of the conveyor system and how a conveyor system is used within the VEX system.


  • Identify the parts of a conveyor feeder
  • Explain the role each part plays in a conveyor system
  • Explain the purpose of a conveyor feeder

Lesson 8.2 (540 minutes)

This lessons goes in depth into the function and the purpose of a line follower. Additionally, it explains how it can be programmed in RobotC.


  • Explain the purpose of a line follower
  • Explain how a line follower operates
  • Given the components of a VEX robotics design system program a line follower in autonomous mode to have the robot follow the parade route and throw a bead

Quiz (30-60 minutes)

Quiz on the unit


  • Check for understanding