Unit 4 - Introduction to Sensors

Unit Objectives

This unit introduces students to the concept of sensors. The teacher exposes them to the reason for sensors and then each group of students explores a sensor.

Unit Teacher Notes

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Lesson 4.1 (180 minutes)

This lesson explains the benefit and trade off in using sensors to control a robot. Then students will explore one sensor in depth and will have to explain the concept to the class through an oral presentation.


  • Describe the role of sensors in the field of robotics – Students will be able to:
    • Define sensor
    • Describe the basic operation common to all sensors
    • Compare human senses to robot electronic sensors.
    • Explain the operational principles of electronic sensors.
  • Describe on a basic level how sensors are integrated into robots via logic and computer programming.
  • Develop an understanding of how inputs such as sensors help robots to function.